& Cryptocurrency

The rise of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) illustrate the power of Blockchain as a digital currency platform. This track shows developers new ways to integrate and extend the most common Blockchain currencies and create their own currency.

FinTech, Ethereum,
Smart Contracts

The second phase of Blockchain involves the expansion of Blockchain as a financial technology back-end. Much of this FinTech infrastructure innovation has extended the Ethereum platform through ‘smart contracts’, or decentralized autonomous contracts using unique contract scripting languages. Learn how you can develop the next generation of finance, real estate, government, and ecommerce apps.

Blockchain Platforms
& Decentralized Data

Just as the web was able to decentralize information around a shared protocol, Blockchain is now able to decentralize and secure any type of transaction, activity, or data. The implications for this will change identity management, personal data management, media licensing, and any type of secure application development requiring 100% standardization and security across any cloud, platform, or device.

What is the Blockchain Developer Conference?

Blockchain is far more than a platform for a currency, it is a platform for decentralizing the web of applications in a profoundly secure way. The Blockchain developer conference is the largest convergence of Blockchain developers seeking exposure to the newest technologies for building decentralized apps in FinTech, Healthcare, Government, Enterprise, and the Consumer space.

Main Stage Workshop Stage
9:00 AM - ALL DAY Registration Open
10:00 AM - 10:15 AM Opening Remarks
10:15 AM - 10:45 AM Opening Keynote - Building Consensus
TIME Lightning Talks: Cryptocurrency Development - Bitcoin development
- Creating your own cryptocurrency
Technical Workshops: Cryptocurrency Development
TIME Executive / Visionary Talks: Cryptocurrency Development
AFTERNOON Lightning Talks: Ethereum & Smart Contracts Dev - Bitcoin development
- Creating your own Ethereum & smart contract development
- FinTech enterprise deployment
- Public vs. private Blockchain implementation
- Types of transactions / ledgers that can be decentralized
Technical Workshops: Ethereum & Smart Contracts Dev
Main Stage Workshop Stage
MORNING Opening Remarks
TIME Lightning Talks: Cryptocurrency Development - Implementing payment solutions with cryptocurrency
- Transactions and security
Technical Workshops: Cryptocurrency Development
TIME Executive / Visionary Talks: Ethereum & Smart Contracts Dev
AFTERNOON Lightning Talks: Blockchain Apps & Decentralized Data - Current Blockchain app platforms
- Building decentralized autonomous solutions
- Identity & authorization systems
- Building communication networks on Blockchain
Technical Workshops: Ethereum & Smart Contracts Dev
TIME Closing Remarks

Featured Speakers

Micah Winkelspecht

Founder and CEO


Galia Benartzi


Bancor Foundation

Sky Guo



Steve Waterhouse

Co founder

Orchid Labs

Jean-Charles CABELGUEN

Chief Innovation & Adoption

iExec Blockchain Computing

Siva Kannan

VP Engineering

Gem HQ

Gilles Fedak

CEO, Co-Founder

Lindsay Lin

Blockchain Counsel

Devon Wesley

Blockchain Engineer & Co-Founder

Oakland Blockchain Developers

Emmie Chang



Previous DevNetwork Blockchain speakers

Nelson Petracek


TIBCO Software Inc.

Duncan Lemp


Nonpariel Capital

Jonathan Galea



Gilles Fedak

Researcher, Entrepreneur

Malcolm CasSelle


WAX & OpSkins